Unlocking Efficiency: Martinus Streamlines Document Management with Extracts Pro

Martinus is an Australian-owned multi-disciplinary railway infrastructure company specializing in medium to large-scale railway construction and intermodal port projects across Australasia with recent international expansion. Known for its expertise in managing medium to large-scale projects across various disciplines, Martinus has established itself as a significant contributor to the rail construction industry.

The Challenge

Martinus has been a Procore customer for 5 years, leveraging their platform to facilitate project and financial management, and assist with their quality and safety programs. As their operations grew to managing over 30+ projects per year, their document management needs grew as well. Even with Procore in place, Martinus identified the need for more flexibility and efficiency in their documentation processes in order to meet owner requirements.

As it stood, meeting client’s complex documentation requirements required 10-12 full-time administrative team members. This necessitated a more flexible and streamlined approach to document extraction and delivery. Additionally, clients often requested specific project information, requiring a more streamlined approach to document extraction and delivery to meet diverse needs.

The Search for a Solution

Upon identifying these challenges, Helen Kropp, Business System Analyst, initiated an evaluation process for a solution to help streamline how they get their project documents out of Procore while continuing to meet owner and project requirements. When introduced to Extracts Pro in 2022, “it was a no-brainer. It does the job it says it’s going to do and does it well”, said Helen.

The Results

By working closely with the Procore team, Martinus identified Extracts Pro as a great fit to meet their document extraction needs while seamlessly plugging into the Procore platform. They saw 4 key enhancements to their business:


Efficient Data Extraction

Extracts Pro swiftly collates project data from Procore, freeing up 450+ hours in one month that were previously tied to full-time manual efforts from administrative team members.

Helen Kropp reports, “What used to take weeks of manual document extraction with a full administrative team, now takes minutes. We are seeing an 80-90% reduction in administrative time.”

The efficiency boost seen as a result of utilizing Extracts Pro enables Martinus to reduce duplicate efforts and upskill their administrative teams in other areas of their business.

Copy of The tedious.png

Flexible Closeout Process

Extracts Pro facilitates seamless closeout processes by intelligently organizing and packaging project documentation. The intuitive design and user-friendly interface facilitates smooth project coordination and streamlines workflows.

With Extracts Pro, Martinus consistently delivers timely, tailored project data across a wide spectrum of client requests. Martinus has moved from a month-long closeout process to days, giving them time to review their documents and produce a handover package that they are proud of.


Seamless Procore Integration

As an embedded Procore integration, Martinus was able to quickly implement Extracts Pro, ensuring continuity of data management within their existing workflow.

Andrew Sotiros, Senior Quality Advisor expressed that “Extracts Pro feels very seamless. It feels one in the same as Procore and it makes people feel confident with the process.”


Elevated Client Satisfaction

By adopting Extracts Pro, Helen Kropp reports that Martinus “stands out by offering an end-to-end construction process that exceeds industry standards.”

Clients are reassured that they have all of the information they need packaged precisely as they requested in a timely manner.

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