The Fastest Way To Get Your Data Out of Procore

You won’t find another solution better integrated with Procore. Guaranteed.

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Fast Exports

Rapidly organize your Procore data and export with the click of a button.

Flexible Packaging

Filter and sort data the way you need it - for every project type and size.

Seamless Integration

Create a sleek, offline-friendly deliverable that is easy to navigate, locally hyperlinked, and doesn't require Procore access.

Why Extracts Pro?

Extracts Pro's flexible approach means both project teams and the back office benefit from a unified solution.


Create a schedule of all required closeout documents. These requirements in Extracts Pro are kept up-to-date automatically based on the item's status in Procore. Link documentation from tools such as Submittals, Drawings, Photos, and Documents. Receive a single organized ZIP file, configured to your specifications.

Recommended Solution: Closeout Log

Project Archive

If you're finished with your Procore project, you can easily archive project data for future reference.

Recommended Solution: Instant Extracts

ITP / Quality Requirements

Easily export your Action Plans into a single deliverable that includes hyperlinks to local attachments such as Drawings, Specifications, Inspections, Photos, and Documents.

Recommended Solution: Instant Extracts

Share Better

The extracted Procore data is an easily configured ZIP file. Choose your own folder structure that contains generated cover sheets and local attachment hyperlinks. Share with any user outside of Procore -no internet access required!

Recommended Solution: Instant Extracts or Closeout Log

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