Instant Extracts

The way extracts should work.

Your entire project record lives on Procore: Drawings, RFI's, Submittals, Inspections, Observations, and more. But backing that data back out of the platform seems like an afterthought. Have you ever been on a time crunch and needed a single PDF punch list with full-size photos to provide to the architect? What about an export of all submittals, each combined with its stamped coversheet, then folder-grouped by specification section?

Whether sharing with the legal team or in a hurry to complete closeout, Instant Extracts is the perfect solution to rapidly exporting Procore data in a searchable, offline-friendly format.

Granularly Filtered

Users can rapidly filter their Procore data by multiple parameters and select just those files that are relevant (or all of them!) Filter Procore objects by creation date, spec section, status, and more.

Packaged Your Way

Get total control over your data. Use shared characteristics (like location, spec section, and more) to group items into folders. You can even choose to only include the most important data, like only the "Official Responses" on RFI's.

Offline-Ready ZIP Folder

You receive an offline-friendly, locally-hyperlinked ZIP folder of your exported project documents. No internet or Procore access required.


Ready to get started?

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