High Quality Documents. Safely Offline.

Gain better control over your exported Quality and Safety documents with Extracts Pro.

Get To What's Important

Make big datasets more manageable by using filters that mirror your Procore data. Select only the Inspections, Observations, Action Plans, and Punch Items you need.

For example, extract only Inspections (date between: February 3rd and February 16th) of (Type: Installation) in the (location: 8th Floor).

Follow The Breadcrumbs

Not all Extracts apps are built the same. Extracts Pro helps you share higher-quality, interconnected Procore data.

For example - need to export inspections, along with the related observations and Procore Drawings - all of which include full-size photos? No problem.

No Internet Required

Sharing completed project data shouldn't require a software license.

Extracts Pro automatically locally hyperlinks a Table of Contents to each of your records (like Inspections). No internet or Procore access is required to view the files. PDFs link to each other, not the internet.

Bottleneck Begone

Extracts Pro respects Procore permissions.

Project Mananagers, Engineers, and Coordinators can extract their own data without requiring administrator permissions. As long a team member has access to an object (like an Inspection), they can extract it.

Ready to get started?

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